Asian Conference on Diarrhoeal Disease and Nutrition (ASCODD)
30 October - 01 November, 2017  |  Kochi, India

    Session Programme

    Oct 30-Nov 1, 2017 Kochi, India

      Day 1, Oct 30,2017

      Opening Session

      8:30 -9:30

      Presidential Address: President ASCODD

      Welcome Address: Chair of ASCODD 13

      Inaugural Address: (TBC)

      9:30 -10:15

      Setting the stage: Burden of Diarhoeal Disease and long term economic impact on developing economies:

      Representative from MoHFW (TBD)


      10:15 -10:30

      Discussion and Media interaction

      10:30 -11:00

      Tea / coffee break

      11:00- 13:00

      Understanding of enteric pathogens and NGS

      Session Chair: Professor Gordon Dougan

      Co-chair: Dr. Radhakrishna Pillai


    1. Professor Gordon Dougan, Sanger Institute, UK: The genomics of enteric pathogens 
    2. Professor Niyaz Ahmed, icddrb, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    3. Professor Colin Stien, University of Maryland (USA)
    4. Professor Lothar H Wieler, Germany
    5. Dr. T. Ramamurthy (THSTI, Faridabad, India)

      Discussion 20 mins


      LUNCH  and poster viewing

      14:00 -15:30


    Session Chair: Dr. GB Nair



    1. Dr. Vineet Ahuja, AIIMS, New Delhi
    2. Dr. Tarini Shankar Ghosh, THSTI, Faridabad, India
      Gut Microbial Ecology of the Indian
      Population: Implications for Health
      and Disease
    3. Dr. Trevor Lawley, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
      Culturing the "unculturable" to enable functional and therapeutic opportunities with the human microbiota
    4. Dr. Ankur Mutreja, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
    5. Dr. Munirul Alam, icddrb, Dhaka Cause and Effect of Gut Microbiota Perturbation in children of Bangladesh

    Diarrhoeal Disease Surveillance

    Session Chair: Dr. Shanta Dutta

    Co-chair: Dr. Sanjukta Sen Gupta


    1. Dr. Sanjay Mehendale , ICMR, New Delhi
      National Rotavirus Surveillance Network: From Baseline Evidence to Vaccine Rollout
    2. Dr. Martin Mengel
      Collecting and using diarrhoeal disease surveillance data to target and prioritize public-health interventions: Experiences from the African Cholera Surveillance Network
    3. Dr. Dominique Legros, WHO headquarters, Geneva
      Cholera surveillance: laboratory capacities, RDTs & reporting of cases to WHO
    4. Dr. Justin Im, International vaccine Institute, Korea
    5. Asish Mukhopadhyay: NICED, Kolkata
      Polymyxin B Sensitive El tor Vibrio cholera 01 another major blow to biotyping determinants

      15:30- 16:00

      Tea /coffee and poster viewing

     16:00 -18:00


    Session Chair: Dr. Tahmeed  Ahmed



    1. Dr. Keith West, Johns Hopkins University,
      Improving maternal nutrition in Asia
    2. Prof. Alan Jackson, University of Southampton,
      Childhood stunting: what should Asia do to reduce the burden?
    3. Dr. Daniel Roth, Hospital for SickKids, Toronto
      Maternal and infant vitamin D deficiency: is there a need to intervene in Asia?
    4. Dr. Mustafa Mahfuz, icddr,b, Bangladesh 
      Environmental enteropathy – a myth or a reality
    5. Dr. Tahmeed Ahmed, icddr,b, Bangladesh
      Gut microbiota and its implication on pathogenesis and treatment of childhood malnutrition



      Dinner and other Activities


      Day 2 Oct 31, 2017



    Gut Immune system & Oral Vaccines

    Session Chair: Prof. Ann-Mari Svennerholm


    1. Prof. Jan Holmgren, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
    2. Prof. Cecil Czerkinsky, INSERM, Nice, France
      Intestinal immunity after sequential oral-parenteral polio vaccination in children from lesser developed countries
    3. Suman Kanungo: NICED, Kolkata
      Oral Cholera Vaccines: From Experience to Evidence in Controlling Cholera in Endemic Areas
    4. Dr. Firdausi Qadri, icddrb, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    5. Dr. Taufiqur Rahman Bhuiyan, icddr,b, Dhaka, Bangladesh
      Comparison of Memory B-cell responses in Bangladeshi Adults following One- and Two-doses of Oral Cholera Vaccine
    6. Dr. Subhra Chakraborty, Johns Hopkins USA
      Immunological Markers of Vaccine Responses to Enterotoxigenic E. coli


      Tea coffee break


    Protection against enteric diseases, vaccines and other interventions

    Session Chair: Dr. Firdausi Qadri



    1. Dr. John D Clemens, icddr,b, Dhaka, Bangladesh
      Prevention of cholera: vaccines and other interventions
    2. Dr. Ayan Dey, International Vaccine Institute, Korea
      Utility of Human Circulating Antibody-Producing B Cell as a Predictive
      Measure of Mucosal and Systemic Immunity to Enteric Vaccines
    3. Dr. James Fleckenstein, Washington State University, St Louis
      Discovery and Molecular Characterization of Novel Antigens for ETEC vaccines
    4. Hemanta Koley, NICED, Kolkata
      Studies on Development of Shigella Vaccine by way of Multidimensional Approaches
    5. Dr. Sajjad Desai, Serum Institute of India:
      Presentation on "Rotasil Development"
    6. Dr. Mamata Sarkar Chawla , NICED , Kolkata


      LUNCH  and poster viewing


    Point of care diagnostics

    Session Chair: Prof. N.K Ganguly



    1. Dr. Naveen Khanna, ICGEB, New Delhi
      Emerging POC technologies
    2. Dr. Ravikrishnan E, IIT Delhi: Title to be confirmed
    3. Dr.Chandrashekhar Nair, Bigtec labs: Title to be confirmed
    4. Dr. Dhanajaya Dendikuri, Achira Labs
      Microfluidics-based point-of-care testing for diarrhoeal disease detection


    Arsenic and Health

    Session Chair: Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman



    1. Dr. Habibul Ahsan, University of Chicago, USA
    2. Dr. Rubhana Raqib, icddr,b, Dhaka
    3. Dr. Faruque Parvez, University of Columbia, USA
    4. Dr. Christine Marie George, JHU, USA
    5. Dr. Dipankar Chakraborti, Kolkata, India

      15:30- 16:00

      Tea /coffee and poster viewing

      16:00 -17:30

      Antimicrobial Resistance

      Chair: Samuel Kariuki


    1. Dr. Kamini Walia, ICMR Title to be confirmed
    2. Dr. Sabu Thomas, RGCB Title to be confirmed
    3. Dr. Mohammad Aminul Islam


    Regional Experiences in control of diarrheal diseases

    Shanta Dutta, NICED, Kolkata
    Enteric fever: current challenges and future perspectives

    (other speakers to be included)


    Oral poster presentations (10 x5 mins, discussion 10 mins)



      Day 3 Nov 1, 2017


      8:30 -10 :30

    Dr. Rashidul Haque, icddr,b, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Cryptosporidiosis: Consequences for Child Health

    Dr: Samiran Panda, NICED, Kolkata
    Experiences on Policy related article development in India: Rotavirus
    gastroenteritis and cholera


      Tea /coffee


    Closing ceremony
    Best Poster presentation: Chair: Dr.Hubert Endtz
    Award ceremony:
    Wrap up: (Highlights and new areas):
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